About our Organization

Global Medical Educational Training (GMET) is an organization made up of dedicated professionals with the experience, dedication, commitment and expertise to assist communities, companies, organizations, and institutions with their emergency health care training and educational needs. We can provide our services at the local and international level.

Our team is comprised of medical doctors, nurses, paramedics, and skilled individuals that bring over 1,000 hours of emergency medical education and training. We are here to professionally provide your EMS needs!

History and Vision

Global Medical Educational Training (GMET) started with the desire of the founder, Doreen Gumbs Vines (Former Chief EMS Training Officer for the District of Columbia Fire and EMS), (DCFEMS) to go back home and share her expertise in EMS education training. Her desire was to assist in making a viable difference in the support and delivery of the EMS patient care in St. Maarten. This became a lifelong desire especially after the untimely death of her father in French Quarter (Quatier D’orleons) at age 54 in 1984. This dream became a reality when she coordinated the first certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course in St. Maarten in October 1997.

To coordinate this working relationship that started in 1993, Dr. Glenn Bryson, Medical Director and President of Windward Island Emergency Medical Services (WIEMS) along with their board, appointed Doreen Gumbs Vines as the liaison for WIEMS, a Non-Government EMS Organization in St. Martin/St. Maarten is responsible for the EMS training on the island.

From this relationship, the International Exchange Program was developed, which allows members of GMET and WIEMS to visit DCFEMS and be mentored by EMS providers. This relationship was established from a memorandum of understanding formed between the Department of Health (DOH), DCFEMS. approved by former Chief Donald Edwards under the initial medical direction of Dr. Wayne Moore and continued with medical direction under Dr. Fernando Daniels III, both former Medical Directors for DCFEMS.

As part of the International Exchange Program, EMT, now licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Maria Chemont attended the May 2000 EMS week in Washington DC.  As a result of the information obtained by her during “EMS Week 2000”, she implemented the now annual “EMS Week” in St. Martin/St. Maarten. This long-standing relationship has allowed us to continue to meet the needs of the international community.

In March 1998, we were invited to assist in EMT training for the Fire Brigade in Kingston, Jamaica under the medical direction of Dr. Winsome Segreee at the University of West Indies Mona Campus. This was monumental in that it was the beginning of EMT training in Kingston, Jamaica for the Fire Brigade.

Aware of our team instructor’s commitment to providing professional quality care in our courses, we were invited by the Medical Director, Dr. George Scot, and Nurse Educator, Tony Pontophlet of the St. Maarten Medical Center to conduct Advanced Cardiac Life Support training in May of 2005. The class was composed of physicians from St. Maarten, St. Barths, St. Eustatius, Suriname, and Anguilla. Dr. Scot asked us to commit to continuous educational training sessions, which we have agreed to do.

In December of 2004, we were part of the IMO State Medical Mission team headed by Dr. Catherine Uzoma conducting two weeks of EMS training to physicians, nurses and students in IMO State, Nigeria to assist with EMS education and training.

We understand the necessary educational support needed in some of our surrounding countries and islands that are very much capable of providing good patient care. Our commitment is to support those educational needs and provide opportunities to share our expertise and make a positive impact on the lives of the people we serve. We establish relationships where we plan to strategically develop a “Train the Trainer” program so that there is a continuum of the educational process.

It is with this type of vision that we continue to support and assist organizations and countries fulfilling the need of EMS education and training.  Each one, teach one.

Our Mission

The mission of GMET is to provide quality national and international emergency medical education in support of pre-hospital care providers, hospitals, schools, fire services, police, communities, or corporations with a desire to upgrade and or enhance emergency medical education.

We are able to accomplish this by continuously forming national and international relationships, where we share our expertise and ability to educate, train and assist in the implementation and execution of various EMS projects. Providing a platform for continuing medical education to stay current in EMS care.

The GMET Instructional Team is composed of health professionals (i.e. – doctors, nurses, and paramedics) with strong EMS backgrounds and a desire to make a difference in the educational delivery of patient care nationally as well as internationally. Collectively, we have over 110 years of EMS experience and expertise. Our goal is to meet the diverse needs of those who see our assistance in building strong educational EMS communities.